Another great post by Garth Turner 
His blog should be an inspiration to candidates from any party - okay, maybe not Liberal candidates:
Last night one of my final doors opened and a middle-aged man in a sweatshirt emerged. He listened to my brief pitch, shook my hand and said, “I have been a
Liberal all my life, but this is the first time a guy running for office has ever, ever come to my house. You have my vote.” Seriously, those were his words, and he seemed completely impressed that I was standing there on his stoop in the darkness. Turns out he works for an independent gas retailer, and he is fed up with all the talk of gouging going on at the pumps (“We work on a margin of one-tenth of a cent per liter”), and – like most people this week – he has had it with Liberal spending. David Dingwall’s chewing gum was the last straw. It is a fitting symbol of an arrogant regime that deserves to go down.
At another door, Tom came out, and I thought he was going to hug me when I uttered the words “Conservative candidate.” He, too, is sickened at the way the federal government’s spending has just jumped off the chart, from the little daily
abuses to the tens of billions more in new program expenditures. He volunteered his front lawn there in Burlington for an election sign, and this morning he has sent me an email.
“Hi Mr. Turner,” he wrote. “Thanks for coming to my door last night. I am keenly interested in seeing the Conservative party form a majority government. I have always been interested in politics but have never really been an active participant in the process. I am interested in joining the riding association and trying to do a more than just say ‘please put a sign on my lawn’. How much more, I don’t know, but I would like to stay in touch with you.”
Just a small note from a guy in the burbs who has never been a political activist before. But that left a great feeling in my heart. Because I went to his door, because I made the effort to reach out, he is reaching back.
This is how politics should be. And will be.


Some props from the rednecks 
Jay's inspiration for the Battle of Ontario blog came from Matt and sacamano's own Battle of Alberta blog. Today, my latest taunting of Leaf Nation by way of their defence caught Matt's eye.

Good to see we finally got our first 'Sens suck!' comment too!

The Conservatives will win the next election 
Oh Alan, 'Yoda', and 'farmer's daughter'!

These commenters have written the common refrain we read in our morning papers and on our local radios. 'Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have stalled in the polls. His summer barbecue tour failed to produce results'


Stalled in the polls? Fine. Failed to produce results? Whatever.

These types of statements that you read in the Globe and Mail are very leading. They imply of course that not improving in national polls is a failure - end of story. It's lazy reporting.

Why do you think that the impressive fundraising numbers produced by the party at the national level isn't claimed in the media as a successful result of Harper's leadership? I don't need to answer that.

The real strength behind the Conservative Party can be read on some blogs. If you haven't been reading Garth Turner's blog - The Turner Report - then you are missing out on some real grassroots politicking.

In yesterday's entry, he hits the nail right on the head:

The ever-fickle polls have shifted back in favour of the Liberals, which is hard to believe given the lingering whiff of scandal, Paul Martin's dithering, an excessive budget deal with the NDP, higher interest rates, gas at over a dollar a liter and a weakening economy. Meanwhile some Conservatives have decided this is a great time to eat the leader, which is exactly what the media feasts on.
So, should a guy like me - a professional candidate who has given up most of his income and all his professional life to knock on people's doors - be feeling down? Disillusioned? In limbo?
Hell no. I'm actually having a great time. Here in Halton we have an ever-growing brigade of volunteers who are passionately committed to winning the riding. We have had good success at raising money, and have a hectic program of events lined up for the next couple of months. There are three more Town Hall meetings looming, and every night that I am out canvassing brings more supporters, helpers, sign locations and encouragement.
There appears to be a massive disconnect between what you read in the Toronto Star and what people in their homes are actually saying and believing. As I have written here before, I can find no nest of Liberals in this riding. Oh, yeah, the odd person claims to be a supporter of the Grits and even more rarely do I find someone who knows the name of the local Liberal MP and says they like him.
My conclusion for several months has been that voting Liberal here - and probably across most of the 905 and 416 regions - has been a default for people. For years, small-c Conservatives were split, and then in 2004, the party was unproven. Despite that, the Conservative candidate in Halton, who was not a well-known political figure, did extremely well in that election. Now, with five months of campaigning under my belt, with a huge organization, with weekly local media coverage, with financial backing and with almost 4,000 doorbells rung by the end of this week, well, you get the picture.
The local Liberal is toast.
Meanwhile, I have every confidence that my colleagues who are doing what I am in other ridings will also win. The Liberals are a discredited bunch who deserve to be thrown form office. I do not say that merely because I am a partisan, but because the current government is making huge and fundamental mistakes.
Federal spending last year increased by $20 billion, or a stunning 15% - more than five times the rate of inflation. Despite that, the government took in over $9 billion more than it spent, which shows how massively over-taxed Canadians are. The $5 billion in extra spending caused by the NDP coalition budget had the effect, as predicted, of raising interest rates and the cost of every business loan, line of credit and variable rate mortgage in the country. Tax on tax on gas tax has Canadians paying excessive amounts for energy, which is going to hurt consumer spending. Liberal ministers and appointees, from Pierre Pettigrew to David Dingwall, are spending taxpayer money like they own it. The economy is starting to unravel, which is definitely not what homeowners need. The government says it might start taxing income trusts, hurting hundreds of thousands of investors. And we are just a few months away from the release of the Gomery report, which will show us in graphic terms the scandals and corruption surrounding the wasting of hundreds of millions of dollars in Quebec.
So, with Liberals ahead in the polls and Conservatives shooting at each other in the media, if you were Paul Martin, what would you do?
Exactly. Which is why this week we are getting a campaign office.
Locally you can see momentum building for Conservatives. Our candidate Keith Fountain and the riding association have revived the Ottawa-Centre Breakfast Speaker series with Hugh Segal speaking in October and Garth Turner coming up the following month. (Details here)

Keith was also at Carleton University a couple of weeks ago where the campus Conservative club recruited over 100 new members.

National polling data doesn't change over 3 summer months. Coming to any type of prediction to the party's future results in an upcoming election based on these polls is ridiculous.

People opinions of Stephen Harper may be far from overwhelming right now but what is key in my mind is that you no longer hear the Liberal fear-mongering words like 'scary' and 'radical'. You'll hear critics claim he's uninspiring or angry but these types of negatives can be easily addressed and conquered during a campaign.

The Conservative Party has been growing since it merged and when an election is called the worker bees of this party will produce results. We will win many more seats in Ontario and if we gain elsewhere in the country the Conservative will form the next government.

I honestly believe they will.

The Battle of Ontario 
Jay Jardine has started up a new group blog - The Battle of Ontario - and has invited yours truly to contribute.

Should be a lot of fun.

It's almost hard to believe 
Read what Stephen Taylor has compiled in the last day at his site on Carol Jamieson and some of the others who are calling for Stephen Harper's resignation.

Then consider that these people have been the main source for countless Globe and Mail ariticles, CTV headlines/stories/reader polls, and Bourque.org 'scoops'.

There is a story here - but it's not the one that's being reported.

The sad thing is that Stephen Harper is going to get asked about this 'uprising' for months - right into the next election. Ridiculous.

Quick post 
Busy, busy.

Thought I should say that I did notice that the Sens won 5-2 last night over the other Ontario team.

The Meatriarchy (If God Didn’t Want Me To Eat Animals, Why Did He Make Them Out Of Meat?) has some thoughts including this analysis:
Belak had a poor game if you ask me. Took some unnecessary penalties and overall seemed to be a liability. He did fight Ottawa tough guy Brian McGrattan and the fight seemed to be a draw. Belak landed more punches but McGrattan’s seemed to be really hard. This McGrattan kid seems to have the two essential traits necessary to be a successful enforcer in the NHL - a hard punch and a big hard head.

HockeyCountry has lots on some of the other Senators looking to make the team.

Demand Accountability 
Sign this petition at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:
To the Liberal Party of Canada:
Canadians have the right to expect their tax dollars to be accounted for and spent responsibly in an open and transparent manner. The Gomery Inquiry into the sponsorship program has exposed an orchestrated scheme between several Quebec advertising agencies and the Liberal Party of Canada, whereby tax dollars were directed to the party via government advertising contracts. The Government of Canada has pursued legal action against these ad agencies for receiving tax dollars while providing little or no work of value.
The Liberal Party of Canada has failed to conduct a forensic audit of its financial records to determine whether any “dirty money” made its way into party coffers. Leading forensic auditor and fraud expert Dr. Al Rosen has assessed the Liberal Party’s alleged accounting review as misleading, inconclusive, and “half baked.” The Liberal Party of Canada should not be in receipt of any tax dollars – whether technically legal or not – from the Adscam scheme.
We, the undersigned, therefore demand:
• A complete and fully independent forensic audit be conducted on the financial books of the Liberal Party of Canada and of all monies received by the Liberal Party of Canada between 1996 and 2003;
• All monies found to be “dirty” or any questionable donations stemming from the Adscam scheme be immediately repaid – with interest – to the Government of Canada and;
• Full details of the forensic audit be made public, and all those responsible for fraudulent transactions be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

Oh, and release the details during the election campaign.

Clarkson's role in the spring 
Via Calgary Grit, I read this quote from Adrienne Clarkson:
"You may be surprised and interested to know that I am really glad to have participated in (a minority government)," Clarkson said in a speech Wednesday, her largest final engagement and a farewell of sorts.
"My constitutional role has lain in what are called 'reserve powers:' making sure that there is a prime minister and a government in place, and exercising the right 'to encourage, to advise, and to warn,' " she said.
"Without really revealing any secrets, I can tell you that I have done all three."

Bart suggests that she might have forced Martin's hand to hold the non-confidence vote.

L. Ian MacDonald responds 
Read this column about Newman's book on Mulroney.

The end of it.....
My father-in-law, Tom Van Dusen, was an adviser to two Conservative prime ministers, John Diefenbaker and Brian Mulroney. On a Sunday afternoon nearly 20 years ago, he stirred the embers of the family fireplace as we discussed the extraordinary access Mulroney had given Newman for a book to be published after he left office.

"Trust me," Tom said, "Peter Newman screwed Dief, and he will screw Mulroney."

Did he ever.

Wow. (Hat-tip to NealeNews.)

Update on Galloway's article 
From Political Staples:

Problem is that Tim Dobson has not resigned.
"News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated" - Oscar Wilde's memorable quip came to mind as I read Gloria Galloway's piece on September 13th ("Tory Leader Hunts for New Troops"). The article states that I am "no longer interested in running". For the record, I have never expressed these sentiments to Ms Galloway, to anyone at the Globe and Mail or to anybody anywhere, anytime. I look forward to fighting the next election side by side with Stephen Harper and carrying the Conservative banner to every corner of our great riding, Pickering-Scarborough East.
Signed, Tim Dobson Candidate
(still) Conservative Party of Canada
Pickering-Scarborough East

How does something like that get into print?

Maybe Carol told her.

UPDATE: Globe and Mail correction

You said fuck. It's okay. I won't tell. 
Frequent commenter 'Real Mike' sent me the following thoughts on the 'sensational' Mulroney tapes:
Brian Mulroney should not be embarrassed by telling the truth. It is too bad he uses foul language but few of us don't and it will be no surprise to those who know him. It would be surprising if most of the subjects of the tales in Maclean's did not talk colourfully themselves; it is that they didn't have the gossiper Newman.
Lets look at the attributed quotes in Maclean's:
On Trudeau - yes on overseeing regional disintegration, yes on economic ineptitude, yes the Americans probably wanted to shoot him, yes he was vainglorious, yes he was no statesman, yes the Toronto Star is ignorant, yes Trudeau was a coward for World War II behaviour and could be called unpatriotic and many other worse names for this despicable period of his life, yes "his record as a prime minister is absolutely mediocre"
On Clark - I think most conservatives would agree with the conclusion that Clark was a poor leader and bad for conservatism; it is surprising that Paul Martin hasn't yet nominated Clark to the Senate to join Hugh Segal to help embed conflict within the Conservative caucus
On Turner - it seems that Turner was stuck on that "I had no choice" line; the Liberals were goners in 1984 and so was Turner; he is a Liberal that one can have some sympathy for after all he did resign from Trudeau's cabinet when Trudeau was embarking on some of his economic ineptitude
On Chretien - he either underestimated Chretien or more likely overestimated the sense of the Canadian public and supposed impartiality of the mainstream media; he seemed very perceptive of Chretien, too bad Ontarians weren't or didn't care
On Manning - he was right - he didn't understand Reform or the West for that matter
On Others - Copps never became a leader because she has no judgement; Mulroney would have done much better than Campbell in 1993, it would be hard to do worse (I would guess a minority Liberal or minority PC); can't say whether Campbell has a pecker or not but it safe to say that it wasn't up for her; McTeer is two-faced, it is actually complementary having someone like her hating you

Personally, I don't find these quotes surprising at all.

Could you imagine what was said about Martin by Chretien and vice versa behind closed doors? Really, the more interesting discussion is about Peter Newman - see Bound by Gravity for more on that.

Gloria Galloway strikes again! 
Her latest salvo in the Globe contains these goodies:

"Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is hunting for more candidates in Quebec and the Toronto area after an exodus of nominated contenders"

From Webster's: a mass departure
A mass departure?
She lists 6 candidates out of about 200 that have been nominated. She couldn't get a negative comment out of any of them.

So, she makes up her own.

She adds....

"the party lags behind the Liberals, despite a cross-country summer tour by Mr. Harper.'
"not the only Conservative to throw in the towel."
"But some also feel that the battle is lost."

Getting warmed up for the new session Gloria?

NHLPA Soap Opera 
Wild goalie Roloson on the state of the NHLPA:
"This is supposed to be a democratic union and it's become communist," Roloson said yesterday in an interview.

Or a lawyer representing 15 players sending a letter saying:
"Our investigation to date strongly suggests that the NHLPA's constitution and bylaws have been largely disregarded for many years and that they are still being ignored," the letter said.

Sounds like Goodenow ran the ship as he pleased and Saskin/Linden thought they could do the same. The story is in the Red Star.

A comment like this need to be highlighted! 
A comment by 'Turnberry Farmer':
I've got the cellar full of wood to burn and keep us warm this winter. Let those oil prices go.(Imperial Oil stocks have more than doubled this year). Revenue Canada hasn't fiqured out how to tax that wood pile, but I'm sure they have a whole room of Liberals trying.

Things that you might enjoy 
Tom Benjamin, who is in the fantasy hockey pool, linked to a video by Stephen Walkom detailing what the officials are supposed to be calling this season. You mean Chara can't grab someone and throw them to the ice?
Seriously though, not allowing players to pin fowards against the back boards and eliminating the stick pulls on the puck carrier will be a great step.

I've cleaned up the blogroll today - added hockey blogs Mirtle, Spector, and McMurty's Hockey Country.

David Johnson has started a pure hockey blog at http://www.hockeyanalysis.com/

Blogger Fanatasy Hockey Challenge 
This should be interesting.

I'm in a fanatasy hockey league with some 20 hockey bloggers. Yahoo does an automated draft and my team right now looks like this:

D. Legwand (Nsh - C)
R. Bonk (Mon - C)
S. Doan (Pho - LW)
E. Cole (Car - LW)
M. Czerkawski (NYI - RW)
A. Daigle (Min - RW)
S. Gonchar (Pit - D)
B. Leetch (Bos - D)
W. Redden (Ott - D)
K. Johnsson (Phi - D)
T. Klatt (LA - RW)
T. White (Min - C)
B. Savage (Pho - LW)

D. Hasek (Ott - G)
O. Kolzig (Was - G)
R. Emery (Ott - G)

I'm thinking I ranked the D a little too high. I picked up Emery, White and Savage (hope he signs somewhere) off waivers.

Gloria Galloway 
Read this future correction in the Globe and Mail .

And the comment by Arabian Knight on Stephen Taylor's site:
This is the 4th time that this woman has been quoted as a Conservative Party Organizer. All 4 times she was sourced by Galloway!

UPDATE: Jamieson may be a CPC member but Gloria Galloway still must hate the Conservative party. These attack - 'the CPC is tearing apart' - articles in the Globe are really quite tiring.

A couple things to keep you coming... 

Milbury was negotiating a 15 year contract with DiPietro's agent? Mad Mike indeed.

Chris McMurty was at the Sens/Leafs rookie tilt last night. Leaf fans will like what he wrote about prospect Steen.


Greatest Prime Minister? It's now down to this: Trudeau vs. Macdonald and King vs Laurier - the four longest serving PMs.
Vote at Calgary Grit starting tomorrow.

Stephen Taylor breaks some Conservative Party news - new executive director and chief of staff in the OLO.

Hurricane Katrina Relief 
Donate at the Canadian Red Cross here.

For more information, CTV has a good site.

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