Update on Galloway's article 
From Political Staples:

Problem is that Tim Dobson has not resigned.
"News of my demise has been greatly exaggerated" - Oscar Wilde's memorable quip came to mind as I read Gloria Galloway's piece on September 13th ("Tory Leader Hunts for New Troops"). The article states that I am "no longer interested in running". For the record, I have never expressed these sentiments to Ms Galloway, to anyone at the Globe and Mail or to anybody anywhere, anytime. I look forward to fighting the next election side by side with Stephen Harper and carrying the Conservative banner to every corner of our great riding, Pickering-Scarborough East.
Signed, Tim Dobson Candidate
(still) Conservative Party of Canada
Pickering-Scarborough East

How does something like that get into print?

Maybe Carol told her.

UPDATE: Globe and Mail correction

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