Ed's column in the Globe yesterday contained a few streches but this one stood out:

In the 1980s, Pierre Trudeau made a mistake in key elements of the national energy program that negatively affected the attitude of many in Alberta and Saskatchewan not only toward him but to Central Canada in general. Although his policy had that effect, no one, including myself, who was critical of parts of the program accused Mr. Trudeau of deliberately alienating Western Canada.

Anyone know how to access Hansard from the 32nd Parliament?

Give 'em hell 
You think Bourque's thoughts on Dion are pretty rough, I can't wait to see what Don says about the leaders on Saturday night.

I wonder if other Liberal leadership possibilities - say John Manley - are thinking it's an opportunity to come into the race now and not be tarnished with the debacle of the past week.

Frank Valeriote won by 3% 
I'm sure you've seen the article about his reservations about the coalition.

He was one of the MPs that I mentioned yesterday to watch.

Keith Martin next?

I did not know that:

On CBC, Peter Mansbridge and Don Newman were quick to pour cold water on the Prime Minister's assertion during his televised address that "Canada's government has always been chosen by the people." Both cited the Byng-King affair, in which the Governor-General refused to grant Mackenzie King a dissolution after his government was defeated and called on Arthur Meighen to form government. This is the precedent the opposition parties rely on to justify their request to Governor-General Michaëlle Jean to hand them power without an election.

In fact, Mr. Harper is correct. Mr. Meighen won the most seats in the 1925 election and the Governor-General intended to call on him to form government. However, Mr. King demanded that he be given the chance to form a government, and the Governor-General acceded to the demand. When he was defeated, power was transferred to the winner of the 1925 election, Mr. Meighen.

The MPs to watch 
List of MPs that won by less than 5%:

PartyRidingMPLead over 2nd place
BQAhuntsicMaria Mourani0.0089
BQHaute-Gaspésie--La Mitis--Matane--MatapédiaJean-Yves Roy0.0193
BQBrome--MissisquoiChristian Ouellet0.0241
BQJeanne-Le BerThierry St-Cyr0.0265
BQGatineauRichard Nadeau0.0303
CPCKitchener--WaterlooPeter Braid0.0003
CPCEgmontGail Shea0.003
CPCMississauga--ErindaleBob Dechert0.0071
CPCOak Ridges--MarkhamPaul Calandra0.0072
CPCKitchener CentreStephen Woodworth0.0075
CPCSaskatoon--Rosetown--BiggarKelly Block0.0097
CPCSaint JohnRodney Weston0.0143
CPCSouth Shore--St. Margaret'sGerald Keddy0.0233
CPCSurrey NorthDona Cadman0.0318
CPCEdmonton--Sherwood ParkTim Uppal0.0339
CPCLondon WestEd Holder0.0368
CPCWest NovaGreg Kerr0.0379
CPCRoberval--Lac-Saint-JeanDenis Lebel0.0389
CPCSaanich--Gulf IslandsGary Lunn0.0407
CPCBeauport--LimoilouSylvie Boucher0.0415
CPCVancouver Island NorthJohn Duncan0.044
CPCNorth VancouverAndrew Saxton0.0489
IndPortneuf--Jacques-CartierAndré Arthur0.0147
LIBVancouver SouthUjjal Dosanjh0.0005
LIBBrossard--La PrairieAlexandra Mendes0.0012
LIBEsquimalt--Juan de FucaKeith Martin0.0012
LIBBrampton WestAndrew Kania0.0043
LIBBrampton--SpringdaleRuby Dhalla0.0171
LIBSt. John's South--Mount PearlSiobhan Coady0.0276
LIBPapineauJustin Trudeau0.0278
LIBGuelphFrank Valeriote0.0304
LIBMoncton--Riverview--DieppeBrian Murphy0.033
LIBMississauga SouthPaul Szabo0.0464
LIBEglinton--LawrenceJoseph Volpe0.0474
LIBMalpequeWayne Easter0.0491
NDPWellandMalcolm Allen0.0059
NDPEdmonton--StrathconaLinda Duncan0.0098
NDPBurnaby--DouglasBill Siksay0.0169
NDPSault Ste. MarieTony Martin0.0271
NDPNew Westminster--CoquitlamDawn Black0.0299
NDPWestern ArcticDennis Bevington0.0382
NDPSudburyGlenn Thibeault0.0495

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