Demand Accountability 
Sign this petition at the Canadian Taxpayers Federation:
To the Liberal Party of Canada:
Canadians have the right to expect their tax dollars to be accounted for and spent responsibly in an open and transparent manner. The Gomery Inquiry into the sponsorship program has exposed an orchestrated scheme between several Quebec advertising agencies and the Liberal Party of Canada, whereby tax dollars were directed to the party via government advertising contracts. The Government of Canada has pursued legal action against these ad agencies for receiving tax dollars while providing little or no work of value.
The Liberal Party of Canada has failed to conduct a forensic audit of its financial records to determine whether any “dirty money” made its way into party coffers. Leading forensic auditor and fraud expert Dr. Al Rosen has assessed the Liberal Party’s alleged accounting review as misleading, inconclusive, and “half baked.” The Liberal Party of Canada should not be in receipt of any tax dollars – whether technically legal or not – from the Adscam scheme.
We, the undersigned, therefore demand:
• A complete and fully independent forensic audit be conducted on the financial books of the Liberal Party of Canada and of all monies received by the Liberal Party of Canada between 1996 and 2003;
• All monies found to be “dirty” or any questionable donations stemming from the Adscam scheme be immediately repaid – with interest – to the Government of Canada and;
• Full details of the forensic audit be made public, and all those responsible for fraudulent transactions be held accountable to the full extent of the law.

Oh, and release the details during the election campaign.

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