Hup Holland 
I'll be adding a few soccer posts here over the next month and will be rooting for my Mom's birth country - I'll be rooting for England and the US as well.

This video is worth watching - during a World Cup tune-up game yesterday the goalie from Colombia scores on the Polish tender!

Wondering how Canada's program is doing?
Ranked 83rd. But - we are on a three game unbeaten streak - first time since 2000 I think. Two wins against Austria (ranked 79) and Luxembourg (ranked 152nd) and a tie against the US (ranked 5th).

It's cool to care 
Some Ontario Liberals have started a new website - http://www.proudtobeliberal.ca/

They say in the announcement:
The foundation of this initiative is reengaging people in the Party by highlighting the best aspects of it, and to encourage participation from both members at large as well as "people of profile".

On the site, they cover the history of the Liberal party - the last paragraph:
After 40 years in politics, Jean Chr├ętien announced in August 2002 that he would remain in office until February 2004. He is currently serving his third and final term as prime minister.

Couldn't come up with any Martin highlights I guess.

Takes one to know one? 
Our wonderful Senate:

but the proceedings turned particularly ugly when Liberal Senator Peter Stollery hurled an insult at Karzai, Afghanistan's interim president, who MacKay said would soon be visiting Canada.
"You know Karzai, he's a stooge. He was put there by Americans. Everybody knows that," Stollery said.
"First of all, I don't believe President Karzai is a stooge," MacKay said.
"He can't be anything else," Stollery interjected, before fellow Liberal Senator Colin Kenny, who was chairing the hearing, cut him off.
"With respect," MacKay replied in an even tone, "he was democratically elected, and having met him, I find him to be a compelling, charismatic, dedicated person that wants to help his country."

Of course, Stollery was that wonderful MP for 10 years including one illustrious year as a Parliamentary Secretary before Trudeau stooged him into the Senate.

Bob Martin 
Paul Martin before the 2004 election:
told his MPs they are about to embark upon the "most important" election in the country's history, one offering Canadians a choice between U.S.-style tax cuts and a caring society.

Rob Rae yesterday:
Rae said the next federal election is likely to come any time and be "the fight of our generation."

I'm guessing their will be a sequel to 'From From protest to power: Personal reflections on a life in politics'? Maybe 'From Provincial Joke to Liberal Leader to National Joke - the fight of our generation.'

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