Income splitting comment worth reading... 
A comment to Andrew Coyne's column on income splitting:
Income splitting has been available to owners of Canadian corporations (i.e. small businesses) for some time now, whereby their spouses become shareholders of their businesses and receive dividends and/or actual salaries. In essence, if I have $100,000 in profits in my corporation, it is often more beneficial to pay that out in equal parts to a spouse and the active shareholder, or $50,000 each.
What is being proposed is much more far-reaching in its scope of course.
AC points out that there may be some concern over this potential move as being a tax-cut for the rich - in fact, the rich (the rich being incorporated small business owners) have had these opportunities for years!
If anything, this a devolution of the system back to the middle class so any argument that this will pander to the rich, is, in my opinion, dead in the water.

Great point.

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