CBC and sports - Nation building? 
Part of CBC's reaction to the report released today:
The Senate transport and communications committee released the report, which also advises that the CBC should stop covering professional sports and the Olympics.
That suggestion was met with criticism by CBC spokesperson Katherine Heath-Eves.
"Sporting events like hockey and the Olympics are nation-building events and ones that Canada's public broadcaster should be a part of," she told The Canadian Press.

I always suspected that Gino Reda, Bob MacKenzie, Rod Black, and the rest of those CTV, Global, TSN, and Sportsnet sportscasters where out to destroy the county.

It's funny really. CBC only recently started showing CFL games - one of our only national leagues - before Labour Day. They never showed soccer when Sportsnet was showing our national Women's side performing so well. Their curling coverage which was limited to championship games before has now been relegated exclusively to TSN starting in a few years and the Olympic games were bought by CTV. Our 'national game', lacrosse, can be watched only on Sportsnet.

Really, we are only talking about HNIC which can be seen to be CBC's only top 30 ranked show in the country in winter. In the fall, prior to hockey, they didn't have one in the top 30.

Here's an idea!

Sell the theme music to HNIC to a private network and let them pay Ron and Don their combined salary of over a million dollars a year. The country is saved!

Membership has its privileges 
And to think that somepeople might think $10 a year to be a member of the CPC doesn't provide value for money!

Check this out!

Came in the mail yesterday. Boo-yah! (It's a pin btw)

Blogging Blues 
Have to say that I'm a little concerned with my interest in blogging politics of late. I suppose it's somewhat normal for a Conservative supporter to let his/her foot off the pedal in the aftermath of the election win but we all know how temporary a minority government can be and in less than a year we could be governed again by a party that thinks it's key role is to create daycare spaces like we have elementary schools or hospitals.

What made me write this at all was the Globe and Mail article from Canadian Press.

"Canadians pick Liberal child-care plan over Tory cheques: poll"

Normally, this article which is based on a poll commissioned by - SURPRISE - the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada would get me interested enough to blog about it. Instead, I'll just link to my post from the election.

Sigh. Go Holland!

Quick 2nd thought - maybe I'm still slightly depressed from the Senator's playoff exit. That's probably it.

Photography in Ottawa 
My wife has started a photography business. She’s quite good at capturing the best of people – especially children.

You can see some of her work at her site jackiebrophyphotography.ca

Check it out and, of course, if you know someone who might be interested, pass it on to them.

Buy me some of that stock. 
The makers of Weet Bix will be rich, RICH! I say if the Socceroos have another couple finishes like today's game. 3 goals in the last 10 minutes to beat Japan.

Why Weet Bix - why it's the breakfast cereal of the Socceroos of course.

The Aussies real test will be against Croatia - if they can tie them on the 22nd then they could advance.

Playing soccer and watching it makes for a difficult time really getting into the other Cup finals happening. So, I read Colby Cosh.

It's a great time to be a sports fan!

Cup coverage 
I love the Globe's coverage of the Cup. Their interactive site and the blog are very nice.

They were pretty critical of Crouch this morning - I thought he was quite dangerous. All of the England passes went to his head and he consistently got the ball into a position for his teammates to do something with it.

Tomorrow morning sees Holland's first game - I'll be wearing my Orange Heiny Hat.

Another great photo from the Globe 
Following yesterday's pic, here's today's front page photo:
Note to self: Don't hire any Globe photographers for family pictures.

Here's the picture on the Globe and Mail's website right now:
Gotta love that lighting.
Or maybe that's how they got those kids to cough up 5 grand - give us your money or else this boogie man is coming to get you!

I concur 
The always readable Chris Selley brings forth common sense into the passport debate.

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