CBC and sports - Nation building? 
Part of CBC's reaction to the report released today:
The Senate transport and communications committee released the report, which also advises that the CBC should stop covering professional sports and the Olympics.
That suggestion was met with criticism by CBC spokesperson Katherine Heath-Eves.
"Sporting events like hockey and the Olympics are nation-building events and ones that Canada's public broadcaster should be a part of," she told The Canadian Press.

I always suspected that Gino Reda, Bob MacKenzie, Rod Black, and the rest of those CTV, Global, TSN, and Sportsnet sportscasters where out to destroy the county.

It's funny really. CBC only recently started showing CFL games - one of our only national leagues - before Labour Day. They never showed soccer when Sportsnet was showing our national Women's side performing so well. Their curling coverage which was limited to championship games before has now been relegated exclusively to TSN starting in a few years and the Olympic games were bought by CTV. Our 'national game', lacrosse, can be watched only on Sportsnet.

Really, we are only talking about HNIC which can be seen to be CBC's only top 30 ranked show in the country in winter. In the fall, prior to hockey, they didn't have one in the top 30.

Here's an idea!

Sell the theme music to HNIC to a private network and let them pay Ron and Don their combined salary of over a million dollars a year. The country is saved!

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