Blogging Blues 
Have to say that I'm a little concerned with my interest in blogging politics of late. I suppose it's somewhat normal for a Conservative supporter to let his/her foot off the pedal in the aftermath of the election win but we all know how temporary a minority government can be and in less than a year we could be governed again by a party that thinks it's key role is to create daycare spaces like we have elementary schools or hospitals.

What made me write this at all was the Globe and Mail article from Canadian Press.

"Canadians pick Liberal child-care plan over Tory cheques: poll"

Normally, this article which is based on a poll commissioned by - SURPRISE - the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada would get me interested enough to blog about it. Instead, I'll just link to my post from the election.

Sigh. Go Holland!

Quick 2nd thought - maybe I'm still slightly depressed from the Senator's playoff exit. That's probably it.

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