"I didn't know" 
We'll probably never know the truth about Saint-Lambert in 1997 but maybe if enough pieces like this come out we'll get close...

(Hat-tip to Spector)

The end of the presentation of evidence yesterday left an intriguing question unanswered. In an earlier hearing, the court was told that Mr. Brault's right-hand man, François Desjardins, had run errands to the home of Mr. Chrétien in the late 1990s.
"I went to the home of Prime Minister Chrétien, on several occasions. Once I drove Mr. Chrétien's brother, from Saint-Lambert, to Sussex Drive," Mr. Desjardins said in a statement to the RCMP that was read in court last fall.
Neither Crown nor defence lawyers could elaborate yesterday on that statement.
I've blogged about the Saint-Lambert riding before - focussing on the 1997 federal election. It was close and had some very big names providing money to the Liberals.
Operating loan information
Gaby Chretien $5,000
A. Desmarais/Finance Chretien Desmarais $3,000

The Liberal candidate received 25% of her legally declared donations from the following companies and/or their employees.
Le Groupe Polygone Editeurs Inc.

It all makes this statement harder and harder to believe.

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