Curling fines 

Jeff Stoughton got fined $1,000 for slamming his broom after a bad end. He slammed it once then a CCA official told him not to do it again so Stoughton did it again.

I suggest they pass the hat around the Brier patch to raise the money - coins only - and dump it in the CCA's lap. They seem intent on continually alienating our top players and curling fans.

E-mail the CCA here if you disagree with them.

BTW - he won that game against Dacey so he's still in the hunt.

4 losses is most likely going to be the cutoff. The big games today will be:
2pm: NS (Dacey) needs to beat Alb (Martin) to stay at 4 L
8pm: Sask (Simmons) and BC (Windsor) both have 4L and if they both win their games against the bottom teams earlier in the day the winner of this game will advance
8pm: Man (Stoughton) plays Ont (Howard) - obviously Jeff needs to win

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