Brier prediction 
For you curling newbies, four teams make the playoffs and they use the "Page" system. 3rd plays 4th and the loser is out. We'll call the winner Nova Scotia (Mark Dacey) as he's going to beat Alberta (Kevin Martin) who clearly doesn't have any momentum (curled 50 some percent yesterday) going into the 2pm game.
The 1st place team (Ontario - Glenn Howard) plays the 2nd place team (Quebec - Menard). Howard's playing lights out so pencil him in as the winner - later tonight.
Menard will then play Dacey and will beat him.
The rematch between Ontario and Quebec in the final on Sunday will be won by Howard. The only unknown is whether Glenn will copy his older brother's trademark arm raised 90° clenched fist with a slight pump when he wins.

Dacey won the 3/4 game as I had forseen. Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.
(Voice in my head): 'Your overconfidence is your weakness'
Me: Your faith in your friends is yours!
Co-workers: Don, who the $%^$ are you yelling at?

All the pieces are falling into place. Great game by Howard.

Menard wins and faces Howard again today. The dominos fall exactly as I had laid them out.

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