What a way to serve! 
This Liberal blogger wrote the following on Liberal leadership contender Martha Hall Findlay:
Martha will be a strategic candidate. She is the only one who has earned the right to attack Belinda. She will serve the Liberal party by bringing the dirt of Belinda to the table and making the grits aware of her. She will be supported by Liberals who want to stop Belinda if she plans to run.

On Martha's front page you can see her first shot at Belinda:
But I view 46 years of experience, substance and accomplishment, in various aspects of life, as counting for a lot.

And, also wrt the Liberal leadership race - from Coyne:
Party organizers can only hold their breath, because they do not want Mr. Martin to lead them into another election...
[T]o block an emergency comeback by Mr. Martin with the same tired crew of counsellors, executives are examining ways to select delegates well before the
convention. That way, the executives could rapidly organize an electronic leadership vote by those delegates, ensuring the party would have a new leader even if the government fell unexpectedly over the next few months. It's that bad.

I thought the entire Liberal party was going to rally together in the Emerson/Fortier aftermath?

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