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The Angry one:

So if grabbing Emerson has no consequence in terms of voting or the balance of power, why do it? Unlike Belinda, who became a cabinet minister in a portfolio for which she was not suited having spent her few months in Parliament in opposition, David Emerson spent the time since being elected in 2004 in cabinet as Minister of Industry. He holds a doctorate in economics, compared to Belinda's, well, nothing. He will be one of the only people on Stephen Harper's team with any experience in cabinet. So while putting Belinda in cabinet probably lowered the average quality of Paul Martin's cabinet, David Emerson potentially improves it.
In other words, all Emerson can offer to Stephen Harper is experience and representation in one of Canada's major cities, both things in short supply in Stephen Harper's Conservatives. Increasing both makes for a better government.
What Emerson doesn't offer is power. And I think that makes a difference.

Harper today outside of Rideau Hall:
"During the last parliament as I sat across from the government benches, I was consistently impressed with David Emerson," Harper told reporters after being sworn in as Canada's 22nd prime minister.
"He is a man of great intelligence, a man with a stellar record in the private sector, who is clearly committed to public service.
"I asked Emerson to join Canada's new government and he accepted. For this I am grateful and I know Minister Emerson looks forward to continuing to serve the people of British Columbia and all new Canadians in the next parliament."

Didn't realize Emerson's resume was so impressive:

David Emerson ... Bachelor of Economics degree ... Master of Economics degree ... Ph.D. in Economics.

... researcher for the Economic Council of Canada ... became Deputy Minister of Finance.

... President and Chief Executive Officer of the Western and Pacific Bank of Canada ... Deputy Minister to the Premier and President of the British Columbia Trade Development Corporation.

... President and Chief Executive Officer of the newly created Vancouver International Airport Authority

... President and Chief Executive Officer of Canfor Corporation

.... directorships included: Terasen Inc; Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada; Vice-Chairman of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives; Chair, British
Columbia Ferry Services Inc.; and Chairman and Director of Genus Resource Management Technologies Inc.

A question for you - did Vancouver Kingsway vote Liberal or for David Emerson?

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