Stronach today 
At a scrum following the last Liberal cabinet meeting today Stronach said she is considering a run at the leadership.

She answered the third question this way...

En anglais s'il vous plais.

UPDATE: Somebody needs to update her Wiki entry...
She speaks English, French and German fluently.

UPDATE2: Wiki updated by

Also, the Globe reports the question this way:

However, Ms. Stronach was not off to good start, unable to answer a reporter's question in French. The reporter asked her whether she was considering a leadership bid, and she had to stop and ask him to repeat it in English. He walked away.

UPDATE3: Because it's such a joke

It reminded me of what Paul Wells wrote after the first french debate in December:
Dozens of ambitious politicians and aspiring politicians will watch the French debate tonight and tell themselves that if they only learn really good French, then one day they'll have a golden chance to win a prime ministerial debate. Then they'll put off doing their French homework yet again.

Stronach announced her intention to run for the Conservative party leadership over two years ago. In her very first speech she said a few lines in french and said she would learn.

This was a very funny comment:
The funniest thing was the WAY she said it, followed by the word “Ya”. It was as if she didn’t realize the meaning of the phrase she was saying, just the approximate meaning.

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