Belinda Emerson - get a grip people 
Just getting over my headache from dancing on the tables with Emerson at the clubs here in Ottawa last night. Right.

This shady manouver by Harper will now give his government new life as he clings to power. Right.

Hebert writes:
Emerson has never run a government department. He has no hands-on knowledge of the inner workings of the bureaucracy and even less so of its interaction with the political side of government. He is unfamiliar with the day-to-day running of business in general and international trade in particular. On the face of it, knowledge of some or all of the aforementioned would seem to be prerequisites to oversee the International Trade portfolio. Without it, Emerson might as well be wading blind in a
minefield, at the mercy of the potentially self-interested guidance of partisan and bureaucratic handlers. ... If anything, he has spent his relatively short time in political life levelling the field to his own advantage, using his considerable wealth to offset his inexperience by buying the best mercenary advice money can buy.
But then, that is an approach to politics Harper would be hard-pressed to quarrel with!

No - doesn't sound right. Oops - it was about Stronach and Martin.

My posts on the Stronach defection are here and here.

The point of this - I wish I had more time to write it - is that I do believe the context of Emerson's switch compared to Stronach's is important. You cannot compare the value of the two in cabinet. The situation of Harper and Martin need to be considered.

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