Weird things 
I got tagged by a couple of cool bloggers so I'll put down five 'weird' things about myself:
1. I was born without one of these. Really sucks for arm wrestling with that arm.
2. The Hogmanay man came to our house this year.
3. I don't read many books. I get too obsessed about the book usually and I have to keep reading it until its done - so it really gets in the way of things.
4. Um, running out of things here... I'm going to the women's compulsary's for the Canadian figure skating championship tonight. Hey, we live nearby so give me a break.
5. Every year our family does a Christmas parade before opening presents - banging pots and yelling 'Merry Christmas' around the house.
Has every blogger been 'tagged' now? If you haven't, you're it.

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