The view from Kitchener-Waterloo; CPC/NDP 
James Bow is sensing Conservative gains in Ontario and makes this prediction:

I sense that most Canadians, including Liberal voters, realize that the current governing party has become tired, complacent, arrogant. Corruption has infiltrated Liberal back rooms and may be sitting on the front benches, and the party is being led by a cadre of individuals for whom power is its own end.
.... In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict the next parliament will be aligned as follows:
Conservatives 120
Liberals 85
Bloc Quebecois 60
New Democrats 43
Under this arrangement, Prime Minister Harper can realize my dream of his governing with the cooperation of the New Democrats.

Resident complainer Yoda said in a comment below:
So now the CPC is going to be fine trying to form a Gov't with the help of the NDP?
It's fine when the Cons side with the NDP and take their views into account but if the Liberals do it, it's just wasting money.
Hypocrits the lot of ya.

Is it hypocritical?
If Harper allowed the NDP to force a budget with the largest increase in spending in a decade then I'd agree with Yoda.
If the two party's work on combined priorities like reform of accountibility and progressive tax cuts like the GST proposal, which the NDP used to support, and put in some of the NDP priorities while keeping overall spending in line, unlike the Liberals, then I don't think it's hypocrtical.
Also, keep in mind that there was a difference in opinion on the Adscam developments. While the Conservatives intially supported the budget, it was before the worst of the Gomery testimony came out. After the NDP re-wrote the budget, after we heard of the envelopes of cash, etc, the Conservatives felt that not only was the budget flawed but the government no longer had the confidence of their party to continue to govern - and criticized the NDP for making the deal. The NDP basically said they would wait for the Gomery report - and when that report did come, they too no longer had confidence in the Liberals (we'll ignore their last minute Health Care grab in which they might have still supported Martin)

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