Toronto doesn't understand the rest of Ontario either 
This was at the end of a Globe and Mail article:
In fact, the Montreal business community from which Mr. Mulroney received much support isn't too sure yet how to handle Mr. Harper. According to one source, they are at a loss to understand how the 10 newly elected Conservatives, all of whom are from outside the Montreal region, were able to win without their financial clout.

The Montreal corporate community understands that the party's power base has shifted to the West and if its members are to have any influence on the party, their ties to Mr. Mulroney will not be enough to increase that influence. Many are beginning to prepare now for the next election where they intend to play a much more significant role in a party that they believe has the potential to once again become a force in the province.

Financial clout isn't the force it once was - with Chretien's election financing changes that limited personal and corporate donations and Harper's new plan to eliminate corporate and union donations and restrict personal donations even further - it's ideas that matter. You get money for votes and from grassroots supporters. That's why the power base has shifted.

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