I'll highlight a couple of things to add to all the poll/debate talk....

1. Andrew caught this post by StageLeft:
STEVE PAIKIN: Ok, let me do a follow-up here. M. Duceppe, if Canada is divisible, is Quebec divisible?
HON. GILLES DUCEPPE: We came as a whole, and…no, the answer is no. Because we came as, in the federation, as a whole,

StageLeft: This is a map of Canada at the time of Confederation, please do note the size, shape, and boundries, of la belle province in 1867 when “Quebec came”.

2. Comment over at Alan's site (2nd link on this post to a NDP supporting site - see, I'm working on this olive branch thing too)
I wandered over to Google News first thing this morning and my eye was immediately drawn to an International Herald Tribune headline: "PM responding to stimuli, moves limbs". It took a full second for me to relize they were talking about Ariel Sharon and not Martin.

3. The NDP, Liberals, and Conservatives have still not released their costed programs. The Conservatives say they will by the end of this week. All of the Conservative announcements are here.

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