'Social liberals' going to cause problems for the Liberal party? 
This search (ignatieff abortion) landed someone to my blog here for some reason.

Of course, this type of issue is going to be key for running for the new Liberal party. Paul Martin has made it a fundamental part of the party and its leader.

Maude, Buzz, and the people shown to the left are who Martin spoke to in the last weeks of the campaign and will undoubtedly be attempting to influence the outcome of the leadership race.

Maude herself wrote:

We will also be watching the Liberal party and its search for a new leader. After all, it is under the Liberals that Canada has agreed to continental harmonization and the creation of a "Fortress North America." Will the Liberals choose a right-winger such as John Manley or Frank McKenna, both supporters of deeper integration with the United States? Or will the Liberal party undertake the soul-searching it needs and help build a real opposition inside Parliament to the Harper agenda?
The moment is ripe for renewed cooperation of progressive forces inside and outside Parliament to protect decades of social progress. There is not a moment to lose.

Potential leaders like Stronach and Brison will probably even try to use it as a wedge issue much like Martin did - 'does McKenna support abortion? - yes or no? - YES OR NO?' It doesn't take long in Google to find this:
Premier Frank McKenna promised Dr. Morgentaler “the fight of his life” if he
opened a clinic in New Brunswick.

People have been so concerned about 'social conservatives' in the CPC causing problems. I think 'social liberals' in the Liberal party are going to cause just as big a problem during this leadership race and the convention that might follow.

It's not like the solibs didn't cause a stir in the last Liberal convention where they passed a resolution calling for legalized prostitution and proposed the legalization of marijuana.

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