Say and do anything 
After difficult reflection, I reached a conclusion," Stronach told reporters in Ottawa. "I cannot exaggerate how hard this was for me, but the political crisis affecting Canada is too risky and dangerous for blind partisanship."
She also said Conservative Leader Stephen Harper is not sensitive to the needs of all parts of the country, and is jeopardizing national unity by allying himself with the Bloc Québécois.
"The country must come first," she said.

There was a certain Buzz around Belinda Stronach yesterday, and she can only hope it generates votes in next Monday's federal election.
Buzz Hargrove, head of the 240,000-member Canadian Auto Workers and a long-time NDP supporter, continued his nationwide campaign to block a Conservative win by endorsing Stronach's Liberal re-election bid in Newmarket-Aurora.

The CAW head seemed to suggest that Quebecers should even vote for the Bloc Quebecois if it meant keeping out the Conservatives.
"I would urge them to stop Stephen Harper in any way they can," he said, adding that Canada will be a "meaner place for most Canadians" with Harper as leader.
His comments come a day after Harper made a strong appeal to voters in Quebec, where polls show the Conservatives have made surprising gains.

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