NDP warns of Liberal "phone scam" tactics in Ottawa-Centre 
From the NDP candidate's website:
Dewar Campaign Warns Voters to beware of another "Mahoney Phone Scam"
Ottawa - The voters of Ottawa Centre need to be mindful of the Mahoney campaign’s record of sending out pre-recorded phone messages to residents of Ottawa Centre that are designed to smear their opponent and mislead voters said the Paul Dewar Campaign today.
"I am specifically reminding voters about the message sent out on Election Day 2004 by the Mahoney Campaign to smear the reputation of Ed Broadbent. I believe that if the local Liberals used this tactic last election they could try and do it again," said Paul Dewar's Campaign Manager, Rob Sutherland.
On the last Election Day (June 28, 2004), the Mahoney campaign in Ottawa Centre paid for a phone message that was sent to thousands of Ottawa Centre voters. The phone message alleged that Ed Broadbent was willing to resign his seat in favour of Jack Layton and therefore people should not vote for him. The message attributed the source of this lie to Mike Duffy of CTV News (Ed Broadbent was already on public record as having said that he would never consider giving up his seat in Ottawa Centre).
In fact, on Election Day in 2004 Mr. Duffy's producer confirmed to Rob Sutherland, Ed Broadbent's Campaign Manager, that they got information from "a Liberal source" and reported it without confirmation, something Mike later apologized for on-air.
Thus, the 2004 scam worked like this:
• A "Liberal source" set up a reporter (Mike Duffy) with a false rumour.
• The reporter reported the tip.
• Immediately the Mahoney campaign sent out a pre-recorded phone message smearing the reputation of their opponent using the reporter as the source.
"This kind of elaborate scheme shows the real ethical standards of the Mahoney Campaign. If Mahoney's campaign was capable of a phone scam last year, there is a good reason for voters to be very careful about the reliability of the information they receive from that campaign this time around," said Rob Sutherland, both Broadbent and Dewar's Campaign Manager.

Election Day (June 28, 2004) Mahoney Campaign Phone Message

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