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CTV story and video can be accessed here.

Here is something else he said during the press conference:

It's the Liberals now who are making this absurd and hypocritical attack on the NDP. They of all people. Trying to say that they are standing up for "progressive" Canadians.

I was furious when I saw Paul Martin last night on television saying this.

I saw Paul Martin during the 1990's - after we had surplus after surplus - building up surplus' while a million of our kids went hungry to bed every night, while thousands of Canadians went homeless and we were the only G8 country without a housing program. Doing nothing on the environment. In fact, George Bush doing more on the environment than Paul Martin and this man now, hypocritically in my view, has the nerve to suggest that they - these Liberals - these cynical manipulators who appoint - continue to under Mr. Martin - appoint a Manitoba bagman of their party to the Senate - a political hack as ambassador to Costa Rica

These are not progressive people. The only time they talk about being progressive is in the dying days of an election campaign - it's the only time they use the word! - is in the dying days of an election campaign when they try to go after the votes of ordinary Canadians - people who are indicating they are going to vote for the NDP. Well, I can tell you that this time it's not going to happen.

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