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Steve Posen, a 20-year resident of St. Paul's, a member of St. Paul's Jewish community, co-founder of the Canadian Coalition for Democracies, and until a few weeks ago a member of the St. Paul's Federal Liberal Riding Association Executive and advisor to Carolyn Bennett on issues related to Israel, stepped out of a symbolic big blue tent which back-dropped the news conference and announced that he is supporting Peter Kent for Member of Parliament.
David Asper and his family have been well-known for their past support for the Liberal Party. In his statement, Mr. Asper said in a preparedletter of recommendation that, "the need for a man of Peter's integrity became even more clear to me after hearing the Prime Minister say during the last English language debate that 'we've got to have a more intelligent debate. Enough is enough: this idea of drive-by smears doesn't make it true', and then the next day launch a series of Liberal advertisements that are some of the most insulting, base attack ads that I have ever seen. The Prime Minister is correct. Enough is enough. It's time for a change and Peter Kent is someone who represents not only change itself, but change for the better."

Hat-tip to the Standard.

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