Liberal leaders must pass this test before proceeding 
People were wondering whether the solibs were going to play a huge part in the Liberal leadership race?

The Young Liberals will play a big part in the convention - and I would expect the Quebec wing to be very vocal. Here is one of them:
As VP Policy of the JLCQ, I can give you some insight that absolutely no executive would ever possibly support.
First off, our leadership candidate would HAVE TO support the rights of same sex couples to get married civilly. To all those who have opposed this in the past, they will have to be accountable.
Secondly, our leadership candidate MUST be in favour of a woman’s right to choose. This is one of the most protected values amongst us liberals. We ran attack ads against candidates who opposed such rights. Why would we ever support a candidate to lead our party who had a different position?
Thirdly, our leadership candidate must be an ARDENT defender of the Kyoto Protocol. No province loves Kyoto as much as Quebec does, and we here at the JLC(Q) believe we must support a candidate who will adopt Canada’s action plan in waging a war on global warming. That war we will accept!
Welcome to the new Liberal party - the big tent is getting smaller and smaller.

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