Liberal ads go nuclear 
It's all there on the Liberal website.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

UPDATE: Read this comment by 'Don' at Calgary Grit...

The ads work.....for the 2004 election. I don't think they'll work for 06, however, because the Liberals have lost the "Sweet Spot"

As my Ad Executive buddy in Toronto tells me, the "Sweet Spot" is when a product truth meets a consumer truth. The Liberal's product truth is "Stephen Harper is very scary" Had they run these adds in 2004 (although they went negative in 2004 nothing as nuclear as this), I think the Liberals could have destroyed Harper and formed a majority. He was new, people were unsure about what he stood for, and they didn't know him.....product truth meets consumer truth. In fact aren't these the ads Kinsella kindly suggested they run in 2004?

The Liberals have since lost their edge in the consumer truth.... People are more omfortable with Harper, he has defined himself, and he has a message....hence no more "Sweet Spot" or for negative ads should it be the "Sour Spot"? Hence, their consumer truth will not be heard.

The Conservatives on the other hand have found their "Sweet Spot" in 2006: Consumer Truth = The Liberals are tired and corrupt, Product Truth = We have a plan to bring change and accountability.

Hope so.

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