It's surreal 
I was just at Stronach's campaign site. On the front page there is a description of how she won the debate. To emphasis how badly the Conservative candidate did, it says the following:
She also expressed her respect and admiration for what Harris did to Ontario.

“I believe Mike Harris made the most significant mark on Ontario and I did go to
him seeking advice.” — Belinda Stronach, Toronto Star, January 25, 2004.
If you have a second, read 'A Message from Belinda on Why this Election is also about National Unity'. The start:
This is one of those times in the life of the nation when we must apply smelling salts to clear the air of congestion.
I come from a part of the country north of Toronto where we cannot conceive of a Canada without Quebec. So, when my personal discomfort at the readiness of Stephen Harper to cut deals with the separatist Bloc Québécois reached the crisis point last May, I crossed the floor and joined the Liberal Party.
Now with an election looming my apprehension for the good of the country is stronger than ever.
Any future Conservative government could only logically be held in power in a coalition with the Bloc Québécois. The image is both surrealistic and unnerving – a federal government propped up by the will of the separatists.

Yeah - pass the smelling salts. Logically, the Liberals will be 'propping' up the CPC as Belinda takes a run at the leadership. Logically, a person discomforted by the thought of cutting deals with the Bloc wouldn't be so happy to receive the endorsement of Buzz while he is endorsing the Bloc. Logically, the best thing for Canada is to have Belinda switch parties whenever necessary to ensure she never is able to cause long term damage to it by actually being in government for more than a few months.

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