Conservative support in Quebec 
Three polls out in the last two days - all showing some gains for the Conservatives in Quebec - from a little to a lot:

Ekos shows the most:
In Quebec, where Harper has spent an unusual amount of time, the two parties are in almost a dead heat with the Liberals at 21.9 per cent and the Conservatives at 20.2. The Bloc Québécois is well ahead at 43.8, but the increased Tory support has come at the Bloc's expense. The shift shows Quebec voters are eyeing a federalist alternative other than the Liberals.

The Strategic Counsel poll:
The Conservatives are showing some growth in Quebec. Here's how voters there would allocate support (percentage change from a Dec. 20-22 poll in brackets):
Bloc Quebecois: 52 per cent (unchanged)
Liberals: 26 per cent (-3)
Conservatives: 13 per cent (+5)
NDP: 5 per cent (-3)
Greens: 4 per cent (+1)

And the SES Research poll from yesterday:
Bloc Quebecois: 52 per cent
Liberals: 27 per cent
Conservatives: 12 per cent
NDP: 6 per cent
Greens: 3 per cent

If you average them and then put them into a voter migration tool then you see the Liberals being reduced to 10 or less seats in the province. The Conservatives would be very close to taking ridings like Pontiac just across the river from Ottawa where they are running the reputable Lawrence Cannon and the riding of Louis-Saint-Laurent where Josee Verner is running again.

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