Childcare experiences 
Harper was being asked questions after highlighting the party's childcare policy this morning...
Do you think that you and your wife can relate to ordinary voters, so called ordinary Canadians, more than a retirement age, millionaire shipping tycoon like Mr. Martin. (other reporters laugh)
I'll just say that Laureen and I come from a middle class background and our experience with child care is fairly recent and it's in the modern era (reporters start to laugh - Harper grins) so we do understand - we have those experiences as part of our life. I don't mean it as a put down on anyone else. Every leader brings different sets of experience to this job.

What's Martin's childcare experience?

He has three sons. His wife never left him alone with them because he 'wasn't comfortable' with it.

(I can't find a link to show you where this came from - I think it's from a Susan Delacourt column in the Star)

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