Blogging Tories Challenge 
The new Liberal ads released today are outrageous attacks on Stephen Harper.

Martin said in the debate last night....
"Now, I do not believe there should be personal attacks."

The next day he launches the largest series of negative personal attacks in Canadian history.

I challenge all the Blogging Tories to highlight to their readers several times during the next week the ways they can support financially, or through volunteering, their local campaigns and the national campaign.

Martin won a minority government last time partially due to the Liberal's use of extremely negative ads. Let's give the Conservative party the resources they need to fight back.

Here in Ottawa-Centre, Keith Fountain has run an effective campaign and is a three way battle with the Liberals and NDP. His website has links to donate or put yourself down as a volunteer. I just donated $40.

Donate to the national campaign here.

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