Around Ontario - Part 3 - '905' North 
Here's part 3 of my Around Ontario series. It's from 'farmer's daughter' who lives in a high profile riding:

It is an interesting showdown in my riding of Newmarket-Aurora. For the Liberals, the candidate and incumbent is Belinda Stronach. For the Conservatives, the candidate is Lois Brown. I know that there are also candidates for the Green Party, the Progressive Conservative Party, and the NDP (may be others) but the race seems to be between the Conservative and the Liberal candidates.

The Liberal candidate, Belinda Stronach, is the current Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. It is well known in the riding and across the country that Belinda traded her membership in the Conservative party to cross the floor to become a Liberal Cabinet Minister. She claimed that this was in the best interests of her local constituents and enabled her to better serve the country. One only needs to look at her history to easily start to wonder if it is difficult for Ms. Stronach to stick with a commitment. Many of the local residents are unhappy that she switched to the Liberal Party when she was voted in as a Conservative member. I only see Conservative signs on the street that I live on – this was true in the last election as well. One of my neighbours has put up an election sign that was used in the last election for Conservative Candidate Belinda Stronach next to the election sign for this year’s Conservative Candidate Lois Brown. It is an effective daily reminder of Ms. Stronach’s betrayal.

The Conservative candidate, Lois Brown, was in line to be the Conservative candidate in the last election until Ms. Stronach decided she wanted to run. Ms. Brown’s campaign signs simply say: “It’s about trust.” No kidding! I don’t trust Ms. Stronach and I don’t trust the Liberals. I do trust Ms. Brown and I do trust Stephen Harper.

The Conservatives won the last election in this riding after being a Liberal riding for the past few elections. The Conservatives won by 689 votes, if I remember correctly. A slim margin for sure. It is tough to predict whether the riding voters will be sickened enough by Ms. Stronach’s betrayal to not vote Liberal; whether the riding voters will be outraged enough by recent government corruptions to not vote Liberal; whether the riding voters will be discouraged enough by provincial Liberal broken promises to not vote Liberal; and whether the riding voters will be hopeful and trusting enough to instead vote Conservative. I hope that my neighbours and fellow riding members will “stand up for Canada” and vote for Ms. Brown. Let’s see what Ms. Brown and Mr. Harper can accomplish!

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