Around Ontario - Part 2 - '905' West 
Here's a view from the 'Halton Hills-billy' - part 2 of my Around Ontario series:

Halton Hills-billy reporting on ridings of Halton and Oakville

The riding of Halton takes in north Oakville and Milton and surrounding rural/sprawl areas, with the Oakville part being growth section of the city (mostly built in last 10 years). Oakville is the rest of Oakville, the more established and affluent parts of the city. These ridings are both two-horse races: Liberal versus Conservative. The NDP are a fringe party in both. Historically they can go Liberal or Conservative. Both have incumbent Liberals running.

In Halton it is Gary Carr (L) versus Garth Turner (C). Gary Carr was a Mike Harris MPP (and Speaker*) but switched to Liberal colours and won the riding federally last election. Garth Turner is financial publicist and former Brian Mulroney Progressive Conservative MP and cabinet minister. The last election was relatively close in this riding. Turner has a bigger profile than the last candidate and has been working hard. Carr is a back-bencher. Halton was one of the ridings to stay Progressive Conservative last provincial election. I put odds on Turner winning this seat with a comfortable margin.

In Oakville it is Bonnie Brown (L) versus Terence Young (C). Bonney Brown was a former mayor of Oakville and is running for her fifth term as MP (came in with Chretien in 1993). Despite this long tenure she remains a back-bencher and seems to be loyal to Martin. Young is a former Mike Harris MPP* for Halton Centre but lost the nomination to Gary Carr in the provincial riding realignment/reduction. In the last election the Conservatives were disappointed by how large the Liberal win was. A last minute election campaign announcement of $$$ for the resident Ford plant likely helped shore up the Liberals. This election the Conservatives are a team with the Alliance/PC merger difficulties now seemingly behind them (they were problem last election) with former Alliance and PC candidates co-chairing Young's campaign. Even though Brown seems tired and unenthusiastic it will be tough for Young to close the gap as Oakville seems comfortable with the old Liberal shoe even though it is ripped and stained. I put odds on Brown winning this seat with a narrow margin (likely her last campaign). Oakville seems too "Toronto" for Young to swing this time.

*There were some corrections - see comments - thanks to Joan Tintor for the correct info. Check out her blog if you haven't yet - it's grrrrreat.

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