Around Ontario - Part 1 - An NDP view from Waterloo 
I'm asking some friends and readers to send me their thoughts from various regions in the province. The first one here is from Ian - an NDP supporter in Waterloo. He's planning on doing some canvassing next week and will supplement this post with one later to tell what he's encountered 'on the streets'.

If I get too many non-CPC supporting posts, I'll just edit them. Okay?

Take it away AtC reader 'Ian':

Kitchener-Waterloo is an interesting riding. Mired in technology, and in social conscience. Where do we sit in Southwestern Ontario politics, and how can we define ourselves in an otherwise red landscape? In 2004, the Liberal candidate, Andrew Telegdi won a large victory outpacing his Conservative threat by 9000 votes. This race should prove to be a much closer affair, however Liberal red still lingers in the air and on the streets.

My orange NDP sign is rather lonely on my street, actually situated between a couple of CPC blue signs. I think I saw something red on a front lawn around the corner, but it may have been a Remax sign. It is difficult to tell where the sentiment is in Kitchener-Waterloo, for it is so silent, and so concerned about itself as opposed to the rest of its surroundings.

I have some advice, perhaps amateur advice, but certainly well-meaning and oriented towards a positive outcome of this election, Vote NDP. Kidding. Actually I really think that this region is uninformed. After participating in numerous political bulletin boards in Waterloo over the last few months, I am certain that the majority of the people in riding 146 don't care who the candidates are, and what the issues are. We are experiencing unparalleled development, in terms of residential, technological, and industrial. We are a very strong economy in Ontario, heck, even Canada. All these people want is for all of this to continue for themselves.

What the voters here need to do, is inform themselves as to what the issues are in our region, then look nationally and see the same issues. Environmental concerns, Violent Crime, Health Care issues, Child Care. We need to find the party which best addresses out local concerns, AND those of Canada. Visit the candidates websites, or the party websites. For goodness sake, inform yourself.

If nothing else, look at the CBC blurb on each candidate

My vote is obviously with the NDP, that certainly won't be everyone's choice. My wish is that all NDP supporters across the country will vote this way, rather than change from orange to red in fear of the Conservatives. If they do, then the NDP has a chance at 40 seats, or at least 30. I don't want the CPC in power, but I do want NDP seats. The only way the NDP can be effective in a CPC minority is to possess enough seats to be of value. Almost lost out last government, with only 19 seats. In fact, across Canada, the NDP lost 16 seats by less than a thousand ( that's only 1000 people) votes in each riding. I am positive that some of those losses are due to strategic voting. Vote your beliefs K-W, and Canada! A minority is still very powerful, if the other parties are well split. Send your votes to where your beliefs lie.

For me Orange is the colour of a successful K-W and Canada.

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