Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 
I don't think there will be many posts up here until January so I'll dump a few things you can check out that I found/find interesting:

Hebert is one of the best columnists in Canada and her column today is again excellent:
Start with the Conservatives. Their campaign should put to rest the notion that the merger of the right was little more than an Alliance takeover of the former Progressive Conservative party.
By co-authoring a federal budget, the NDP not only gave itself a record to showcase in the campaign but, for the first time in its federal history, the party has also had to defend its choices rather than just criticize those of others.
That has forced it to start speaking the language of trade-offs, as Jack Layton did when he admitted that privately delivered health-care services and the Clarity Act were both here to stay.
If New Democrats are to continue to hold sway in the Commons, they will have to become even more familiar with the practice of the art of the possible.
It is because they have failed to keep up with the times that the federal Liberals are no longer holding their own in Quebec. In this campaign, they are fighting the last war and shooting themselves in the foot almost daily in the process.
Two decades after patriation of the Constitution, the federal Liberal party is a spent force in Quebec. The days when it competed fiercely with the sovereignist movement for the best and brightest of Quebecers are behind it.
And that means that, in the not-so-distant future, Canadians will have to tap other sources than the dried-out Quebec reservoir for national leadership.

Taber's talk with Harper has some good parts:
But he said that Canadians would not tolerate a "Liberal opposition" that would not co-operate with a Tory minority government.
"I think . . . the people of Canada are kind of annoyed that the Liberals acted as if they had a majority," Mr. Harper said. "I think they will expect the Liberals, if they are defeated, to eat some humble pie and work co-operatively in Parliament."

Here's the CTV article that has links on the righthand side to videos of Mike Duffy's interviews with the three main party leaders.

Also, on the CTV site, there is a nice blog entry by David Akin on Stephen Taylor:

Stephen Taylor (left) is having a very good campaign.
He's not running for election; he's blogging about it.
And, so far, he's had at least three good 'gets', as we say in the mainstream media business, on his blog.

Taylor is one of the founders of the Blogging Tories blogroll - go check it out if you are looking for some interesting commentary.

Finally, I'm pretty confident Norman Spector will continue over the holidays to highlight the key news stories in the country including putting up the front pages of our nations newspapers so we can see what is getting the people's attention in the various regions.

Have a good holiday, have some rum and egg nog (had my first one last night), play in the snow, and enjoy your friends and family.

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