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Coyne put up a blog post! Christmas comes early!
The Tories went nowhere in the first week, notwithstanding the vaunted GST cut, which all the armchair political strategists thought was genius. They only started to move in the polls after December 7 -- the day they unveiled their daycare plan. Indeed, a number of polls have showed the GST proposal had no impact, or may even have been negative -- apparently, more voters favour cutting income taxes, and by a wide margin. It's not the GST that's moving votes. It's daycare.

Why? Why Brooks answers that one again!
I'm sure Bart isn't trying to be offensive here. I doubt Scott Reid and John Duffy were actively working to piss Canadian parents off with their 'beer and popcorn' comments. The problem isn't the gaffe, it's the underlying belief that bleeds through even the most conciliatory and accomodating spin.
Because the fact of the matter is this: if the Liberals thought stay-at-home parenting was the equal of institutionalized daycare, they wouldn't be funding the latter and not the former.
They just don't get it. And to make matters worse, they don't even get how mad they've made people like me so upset. My wife and I are not second class citizens, and we're damned tired of being treated that way.

Oh, and two of my favourite bloggers - and yours too I'm sure - are on the new CBC roundtable.

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