Two years of blogging 
Wow - time flies when you're having fun.

I've been writing to this blog now for 2 years - thanks for all the best wishes on my blogiversary. I didn't think you'd remember again!

I'm going to highlight a couple of things I wrote last year during the 2004 campaign.

1. This post on my suggestion for the debates - setting clear rules for who gets to participate:
What would the criteria be for being included in the debate?
Perhaps the following:
- A party receiving at least 5 percent of the valid votes cast in the previous general election.
- Or, a party containing representatives in the House of Commons that received at least 5 percent of the valid votes cast in the previous general election. (would allow the Bloc in 1993, and the new Conservative party in 2004)
That's it - nothing more - nothing less. Sorry Greens - you wouldn't make it this time but next time you'd be in, if you hold up your support according to the polls, even if you didn't get a seat.

Their support didn't hold at 5%.

2. This post on why Eastern Ontario - and the Ottawa area in particular goes more Conservative than the rest of Ontario:
The answer isn't entirely one dimensional but I think the biggest reason is that living in the Ottawa area you are exposed to far more political news every day. You get to know a little more of the Conservative plans and see the misrepesentation by the Liberals in the their ads and speeches. You see more of the contradictions on the Liberal positions over the past year. You get to see, by living on the border, the huge difference in the Liberal tactics in Quebec versus the rest of Canada.

Looks like Eastern Ontario is going more Conservative again this time too:
The poll found Mr. Harper and the Conservatives were most popular in Eastern Ontario, where they were the first choice of 42% of respondents compared with 26% for the NDP and 25% for the Liberals.

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