Poor Stephane Dion 
Getting red in the face over Harper's comments today where Stephen questioned whether the Liberals would really like to have the separists in power in the Quebec provincial government so Martin could pound on his chest and say he's standing up for Canada.

Dion on Duffy's show:

"I gave my life for Canada"

"Mr. Harper should apologize to all the Liberal candidates and workers in Quebec"

"I will never talk to Stephen Harper again unless he apologizes to me, my wife, all my friends who work with me."

Oh - Stephane - your anger is misplaced. I think you probably are quite pissed at your leadership for playing fast and loose with our federation in order to boost your chances in Ontario.

If your anger is real then you live in a world of your own creation. The things Martin and the Liberal war room has said about Stephen Harper - lies about his beliefs - calling his values 'unCanadian' - claiming for the last two years that he's "in bed with the Bloc" - deserve as much outrage from you as his statements today.

Did Herle send you out like he did to McCallum and Sgro last election to make these comments?

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