NDP will support GST reduction 
Here's an interesting study from the National Anti-Poverty Organization. Their conclusion:
Consumption taxes make up the largest part of the taxes paid by low-income people, with income taxes and social insurance contributions a distant second and third place. Changes to the income tax system will have limited benefits for low-income families. It is logical to look for changes in the consumption tax regime if the goal is to deliver benefits to low-income Canadians.
However, it would require much larger increases in the GST credit to deliver substantial benefits to low-income Canadians, and to offset the heavy consumption taxes they pay. Also, even though the GST credit was the option that delivered the highest proportion of benefits to low-income people it is important to recognise that a large increase in the credit would raise the income level at which families receive some benefit.

Jack!, support the Tory plan and 'get results for people'.

UPDATE: The NDP have supported GST reduction in the past. (Hat-tip to the Potent Pew)

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