My letter to Santa 
Oops - almost forgot.
The last two years I've sent a letter to Santa.
I didn't get any of the things I asked for in 2003.
I didn't get any of the things I asked for in 2004.
Third times the charm I hope....

Dear Santa,

Don't you love me? Don't you read blogs? Do I have to ask Layton - he promises to get results!
Anyway, I've tried to be extra nice this year and I hope you've noticed.

This year I would like Martin Havlat to be back in time for the playoffs and for Hasek not to get injured.
I would like Stephen Harper to be the Prime Minister after the election.
Finally, I would like a new coat - something I've asked for every year and which seems to me to be a fairly reasonable request and well within the capabilities of your elves.


UPDATE: Because I know you're wondering how the coat thing turned out on Christmas morning....
Nope - the damn elves screwed me over again - HOWEVER - a sweet boxing day elf brought a nice one home for me today!

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