Liberal campaign workers going 'back to work' 
The story: Liberal campaign workers are 'leaving' their campaigns and going 'back to work' for their departments where they will collect their normal salaries for the week between Christmas and New Years.

Just now on Mike Duffy - Rona Ambrose and Alexa McDonaugh scoffed at this - they basically said the Liberal party is subsidizing their party workers; that the Liberal party won't have to pay these workers anything for that week as they collect money from the government (us).

Belinda Stronach said that these 'accusations' were untrue - that they are all volunteer workers and they will abide by the guidelines calling for them to refrain from working on campaigns during their time back at the office.

First off - do they expect us to believe that they will be doing any work that week? They may be following guidelines but is it right/ethical?

Second - does Stronach expect us to believe that all the Liberal party staffers have taken two months off without pay to work on the campaign?

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