Buzz burning Jack? 
This part of a CTV daily report is somewhat surprising:
Meanwhile, Liberal Leader Paul Martin was in Toronto Friday where he received a ringing endorsement from the head of the Canadian Auto Workers.
Union chief Buzz Hargrove said the minority Liberal government should be returned to Ottawa with even more seats.

UPDATE: Thoughts from Babble - the leftwing discussion forum....

"I watched the whole sorry affair on CablePulse this morning. Hargrove was fawning over Martin. It was disgusting. After he introduced Martin, Martin said, "Buzz I could listen to you all day"
Made me want to puke.:

"It seems to me Buzz Hargrove is at a stage in his life where what he craves most is acceptance by the elites that he is one of them. It is, unfortunately, a cultural disease suffered by many labour leaders and right wing social democrats.
Hargrove also responds shockingly well to flattery. Martin obviously sees these things and has exploited them.
Meanwhile, Hargrove's union is on the brink of serious decline. High paying jobs are being lost. Internally, he has gutted the leadership capacity of the union and there is no succession plan in sight."

"Senator Hargrove... paging Senator Hargrove.... "

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