You're, um, let me be clear on this, um, banned, um, for life. 
When are 10 Liberals banned for life from the party not really banned for life?

When 7 of them aren't actually members anymore and the Liberal party doesn't even know if they can ban them.

Much was made of Martin's descision to ban these 10 individuals but the article by Elizabeth Thompson in The Montreal Gazette describes the reality:
However, party officials admitted yesterday that only three of the 10 people that Mr. Martin banned for life from the Liberal Party of Canada for their role in the sponsorship scandal are still members of the party.
Nor does it appear that Mr. Martin can arbitrarily toss them out. Under the constitution of the party's Quebec wing, the party's board of directors can suspend or revoke a membership in the party, but only after giving the member notice as well as a hearing.
The party is also checking to see if it can even legally ban someone for life.
One of the 10, Beryl Wajsmann, wrote:
I wasn’t named for blame in the Gomery Report. I received no Section 13 letter. So I guess if they can’t get you one way they try another. I am now one of ten people “banned for life” from the Liberal Party. A party that I am not even a member of. Under it’s current leadership it is almost a compliment. No one even knows if this is legal, but I guess it sure makes a good sound bite.
Sound bite is all it was.


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