Some reactions: 
At the Toronto Star - that bastion of right wing politics - the first three comments are:
The report essentially told us nothing new. The federal Liberal Party is corrupt and can not be trusted. Its time for a change.
Ryan Needler, Toronto, Nov. 1

As a Canadian living in the U.K. it astounds me what the public in Canada are willing to put up with. Here they fired a very senior cabinet minister for fast-tracking his girlfriend’s nanny's visa. In Canada we cannot find it in ourselves to stand up to this kind of corruption! What does this say about us as a nation? This was a Liberal scandal because this is the kind of institutional attitudes found in the Liberal Party of Canada. Mr. Martin is a part of that institutional culture, through and through.
Allan Craigie, Edinburgh, Nov. 1

To state that Mr. Martin didn't have knowledge of this scheme strains credulity. This same Martin had taken control of every provincial and most riding associations prior to 2003. He had to have known of the kickbacks. Now that the blame has been laid at the door of Chrétien, will we finally have all players admit the extent of his knowledge?
Samuel Samson, Bridgewater, Toronto, Nov. 1

In the Globe comments, Jason Cherniak, former member of the National Executive of the Young Liberals of Canada, writes:
Paul Martin is "exonerated".To me, that is the only part of this report that will be relevant in an election campaign. Can we please get back to policy discussion in this country?

Just give Jason the millions the Liberals typically spend on election advertising. Put "exonerated" in bold white letters on a black background for 30 seconds and run those spots over and over again.

Thoughts expressed immediately afterwards by Warren W:
The liberals are Corrupt. Even Scott Brison says "the activities outlined by Judge Gomery were endemic in governments for decades." Only a fool could possibly believe this is the only example of it, the sponsorship scandal is just the one they got caught on. I don't care what your political leanings are, the liberal gov't has got to go. Paul Martin could not have risen to power in a corrupt gov't without either being corrupt or knowing about the corruption and doing nothing. I would remind everyone that just two weeks ago the Liberals were caught again trying to place a contract with 'verbal only' instructions, no paper trail. They haven't learned a thing. We must be loyal to Canada first, and political parties second. The liberals corruption is deep, they have to be removed from office till their party can 'clean house' and throw out the old guard. Then maybe they'll be worth voting for again.

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