Sleazy - another Martin adjective 
From David Warren's column last week:

Said the Right Hon. Paul Martin to the TV cameras yesterday, "We have an enormous amount of legislation, very important legislation for Canadians that we want to get through. But, the rules of Parliament are clear, you either have
confidence or you don't have confidence."
This plausible-sounding statement is perhaps the sleaziest thing he has said since, “You can’t cherry-pick human rights.” For this is the very man who ignored a series of non-confidence votes in the Commons last spring, until he could find someone to buy off with a cabinet position to restore his majority in combination with his purchase of the NDP. That was the lowest trick any party leader had pulled to recover power in the Great White North since John A. did the Double Shuffle in 1858. (I would have cited Mackenzie King’s impostures in the King-Byng controversy of 1926, but that wool was at least pulled over the eyes of the people directly.)
The polls show the Liberals ahead, and the public willing to forgive them for -- anything at all. I believe the polls. I do not, however, believe they can predict the result of an election campaign, before it has started. During that, anything can happen. Please, Lord, make it happen, and make this government be gone.

UPDATE: I wasn't going to quote these paragraphs but the Google ad above, when I checked the blog after posting, was a link to CBC.ca which got my goat....

To be fair, judging from Mr. Martin’s last election, the Liberals won’t really be campaigning on their own hallucinogenic platform. They will expect to sweep Ontario and dependencies with the mantra, “Stephen Harper has a secret agenda!” This is quite serviceable code for, “If you think you may be benefiting in any way from the Liberals’ comprehensive system of corporate and personal dole, you should be very afraid of Mr. Harper. Bogeyman’s gonna cut you off.”

He wouldn’t really, and he will spend the whole campaign repeating that he really won’t -- while the freshly re-funded CBC and the Grits’ plump pampered pack of pedigree press poodles snarl at Mr. Harper’s ankles. “Can YOU trust him? Can’t be sure can you?”

Whereas, you can certainly trust the Liberals, whose track record for breaking campaign promises and delivering on secret agendas is beyond challenge. And therefore won’t be challenged by the same media.

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