Saint-Lambert was bought in 1997 
Steve Stinson of Nice Comfy Fur tried to comment the following yesterday - Haloscan wasn't cooperating:

Until recently, I lived in St-Lambert and was a resident during the 1997 election.

There is little question that the Liberals targeted St-Lambert with AdScam and other corporate money in the 1997 election.

From the donations listed on the Elections Canada site, I calculate that the companies implicated in AdScam and their associates, together with the Desmarais family and Power Corp., contributed a total of $19,200, or 30% of total expenses incurred by the Liberals in the riding election campaign. Another $5000 in large donations was contributed by four individuals who I was unable to link to any organization.

Yolande Thibeault deservedly lost the election in 2004 to the Bloc Quebecois candidate. It is really too bad that only Quebec seems to get it. The Liberals are corrupt, and will do anything, including stealing from Canadian taxpayers, to retain their grip on power.

If you leave out the targetted money from 'A. Desmarais/Finance Chretien Desmarais' then still 25% of Thibeault's campaign money - or more accurately the declared campaign money - came from three sources:
Le Groupe Polygone Editeurs Inc.

The Liberals bought that seat in the House of Commons.

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