More on Ignatieff 
The Executive of the Etobicoke-Lakeshore Federal Liberal Riding Association has posted a statement where they say the Liberal leadership is basically lying when they give the reasons for rejecting the other candidates for the nomination.
They also state this about Ignatieff:
Ms. Oleksiuk confirmed that she has not received a membership application from Michael Ignatieff. "I don't know what riding association Mr. Ignatieff belongs to. The Constitution of the Liberal Party of Canada requires that members be "ordinarily resident in Canada." I understand that Mr. Ignatieff has spent the last 30 years living and working outside of Canada," said Oleksiuk.
"If I had been asked, as Membership Secretary, to accept a membership application from Mr. Ignatieff, I would have questioned his eligibility for membership, particularly if it was made at a point in time when he was still working outside of Canada."
This is far from over - the riding is holding a nomination meeting tonight anyway.

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