More for the Liberal apologists to chew on 
This time it's from Kilgour:
"The phrase is 'abuse of office,' " he said. "I just got back from Bosnia-Herzegovina, where Canadian prosecutors are working on abuse-of-office cases. It's a criminal offence there, but not here.
"I was a prosecutor for 10 years, and I can tell you - when someone breaks the law, you get the police after them and you prosecute.
"You don't call some inquiry with a judge who can't make binding recommendations and let it turn into a three-ring circus."
Kilgour wouldn't say who he thought should have been hauled off in handcuffs - "because we'd both be sued for libel." But he did suggest that Martin's reaction to Adscam sacrificed the interests of justice in order to deliver political scalps to a revenge-hungry public.
"No one is going to be punished for abuse of office, not in a thousand years," he said. "It'll all be swept under the rug."

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