Is he a Liberal? No? No money for him then. 
I missed this yesterday - the normally ridiculous Susan Riley of the Citizen - via Spector's site:
It wouldn’t cost Paul Martin a cent to thank Cutler for his vigilance, to advance him as a model of bureaucratic integrity. A dinner in Cutler’s honour, an annual public-service integrity award in his name, even compensation for the money Cutler lost because of his unfair demotion and the subsequent impact on his pension: Any such modest gesture would begin to right the wrong done to one man, and pay dividends in improved morale throughout the public service.
Instead, pressed on the question of reimbursing Cutler in the Commons recently, Treasury Board President Reg Alcock replied, tartly, that if the former procurement expert wants to discuss compensation, or anything else, he should call the minister. It was discourteous and arrogant and sent an unmistakable message to attentive public servants: If you think you are going to be thanked for doing the right thing, forget it.
For his part, Cutler refuses to phone Alcock or anyone else. “I won’t go to them. I did nothing wrong. I don’t see why I should have to. I didn’t bend in 1996, I don’t
see why I should now,” he says. Not that Cutler wouldn’t like to be acknowledged — and, ideally, reimbursed for lost salary over the years. But if it doesn’t happen, he says, he can live with himself.
I suppose Cutler could sue the government.

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