Intersting poll 
This should raise some eyebrows.
The poll also found Mr. Martin is on weak ground in his repeated claim that he is intent on cleaning up the government to prevent another sponsorship scandal.
In fact, only 35 per cent of Canadians said they would be "comfortable" voting for Mr. Martin's Liberals "because they will govern very differently next time due to the lessons they learned from the Gomery inquiry."
Mr. Bricker said this low level of trust poses a danger for Mr. Martin. "He hasn't been successful making the argument that Gomery represents a clean break from the past."
Meanwhile, the poll found that 39 per cent of voters would be "comfortable voting for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives to form the government in the next election because we'll probably have another minority which will keep them in check."
Mr. Bricker said those results should cause the Liberals the most alarm because there is a deep public desire for change. Once sufficient numbers of voters no longer feel threatened by Mr. Harper -- despite Liberal attacks ads -- the country could sweep Mr. Martin's party out of office, said Mr. Bricker.
39%. Too bad you can't select Conservative minority on the ballot, eh?

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